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Free Jobsearch Consultations (891 hits)
Looking for work? I am offering free jobsearch consultations to people who have read my book Success Strategies for Black People. For more details, go to: http://www.blacksuccess1.com/jobsearchconsultations.htm Here's to your success! ...
Posted Wednesday, April 27th 2011 at 2:27PM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
A Christian Book for Teenage Girls (769 hits)
Please visit my blog: http://ancestralenergies.blogspot.com/2010/12/christian-book-for-teenage-girls.html ...
Posted Friday, December 10th 2010 at 9:18AM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
Holiday Events at the Schomburg Starting Tomorrow (Saturday) (699 hits)
The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a research unit of The New York Public Library, is recognized as one of the leading institutions of its kind in the world. They are holding a series of events for the holiday season, including a ...
Posted Friday, December 10th 2010 at 9:10AM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
Advertise Your Business to 100,000 People (997 hits)
More Black Success Volume 10 will be advertised to over 100,000 people internationally. For advertising options, please contact me. Ads start at just 30/$50. This offer is strictly for Black (African) business owners. For more about MBS ...
Posted Friday, December 10th 2010 at 8:57AM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
Free Seminars: The Billionaire Nobody Knows (697 hits)
You may have read my blog some time ago about Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and my article on Making a Quantum Leap. I am gathering true stories of people who have gone from poverty to great wealth. To read more, see: http://www.squidoo.com/making ...
Posted Monday, October 11th 2010 at 2:30PM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
What Happens When It's Just Not Working? (1037 hits)
Greetings, all. We've all heard about the Law of Attraction. When our thoughts and emotions vibrate at a high frequency, we can attract money and financial wealth, career opportunities, wonderful relationships and radiant health. The problem ...
Posted Monday, October 4th 2010 at 5:39AM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
Promote Your Black-Owned Business (708 hits)
I am looking for Black-owned businesses to promote . If you would like to be interviewed in More Black Success, please check this out and then contact me. Please note, this is a free service. http://www.squidoo.com/More-Black-Success See ...
Posted Saturday, September 25th 2010 at 10:47AM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
Honouring Your Deepest Values (658 hits)
What is the most important thing in your life? Is it your relationships? Having genuine heart connections with people? Spending time with those you love? Fun and excitement? Having a healthy, fit body? Creative expression? Educat ...
Posted Saturday, September 25th 2010 at 10:22AM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
How Does This Affect Our Businesses? (882 hits)
Further to my previous posting about Why We Need to Heal, check out the next part of this article, which addresses how this affects our businesses and the economic life of our communities. http://nurturesuccess.multiply.com/notes/item/83 If you ...
Posted Wednesday, March 3rd 2010 at 5:54AM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
Why We Need to Heal (970 hits)
I was recently asked why people of African heritage need to heal. Why do we need to heal and transform ourselves, our families, our communities and our world? I thought the answer was obvious, but if it's not, here are some of the many, many ...
Posted Tuesday, March 2nd 2010 at 4:27AM
by: Zhana Books | post comment
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