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Founder: Reggie Culpepper
Members: 11
Category: Professional Organizations
Founded: November 10th, 2008
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Black Urban Professionals
Hello Everyone, Thank you Maria and Darlene for your comments and interests. It's inspiring to hear others that are committed to bringing about good things to our communities and abroad. I am equally inspired by the many organizations, past and current that continue to spread the word of love and joy around the Globe. I say this because as a child I have dreamed of this vision and never knew it would lead me to where I am today. It's taken a long time but it's never too late. Most of my time was spent working a 9-5 career, earning a good paycheck but regardless of how much money I made, I was not satisfied. There was a void and that void led me to create BUP. I believe that one day millions of professionals throughout the world would help to eradicate our economic and health issues. Sometimes this could be difficult to recognize because we are not confronted directly with the many hardships that communities outside of ours and countries beyond the U.S. borders deal with on a daily basis. When others starve, die of illnesses that can be cured or treated, and struggle for the necessities in life, we all bleed and hurt. Eventually, this will negatively impact all of us directlly or indirectly. The thought of yesterday was the dream I shared as a child; and now as a professional, I plan to make this a reality so that others can live a better life. We can only hope that the people we help will continue this momentum and help many more. Though I plan to keep my job for now that is, I will be proactively giving back so that others can have an opportunity to achieve their dreams. Some will help like the seasons that come and go but others will remain committed for the same cause that will revolutionize our communities and abroad. This is why it is so critically important that I ask for your help and join us through contrbuting your time and efforts in helping to make our communities and the world abroad a better place for our families, children and friends. I believe that collectively we can do something small but in a big way. One hand takes care of the other initiative will bring us closer towards this goal. If you are interested in spearheading or working with someone on an event, let us know so that we can brainstorm and implement together. In addition, we are looking for professionals already involved in fundraisers, volunteerism and non-profit organization with similar objectives. I have listed below some areas of interest that are on BUP's radar: When working together, a hand-up makes it better than a handout. I like to challenge each and every one of us to focus on the Seven Ps: Passion Pride Positivity Perspective Preparation Planning Positioning I beleive that the Seven Ps will help us stay on track and move us in the right direction in spite of our circumstances, differences and challenges that we face. Join BUP at www.blackurbanprofessinals.org. Thanks, Albert Slocum Jr. President Black Urban Professionals "Empowering Businesses and Developing Communities"
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