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Founder: Kaleaf Brown
Members: 1
Category: Professional Organizations
Founded: September 4th, 2009
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Inspired Afro-American Fathers
Hello, every one I'm a twenty eight year old singal father of three. Two boys and one girl. I haved developed this group, tittled inspired afro-american fathers, as a perental outsourceing plateform, in hope of developing a beneolence, christain oriented program. Please do not be offended if you do not have a african heritage i'm not being discriminative but find a higher percentage of fatherless children in the african-amercan home. MyFathers "MANNA" ministry, well function as operational organization, I hope to create to react, and act as an asset in virtually every aspect and sector of life. vision, diversity, unity, and security, are pillars that I hope well function as a pivotal, meaningful, and momentous element. Our foundation well be built upon honesty, and mutual respect, with a committee who's fundamental understanding of creativity, and imagination is paramount. We initially seek to congregate a congregation of confraternity, of men who stand in opposition of division and who are in congruence and agreement, of one divine goal. We are a community of passionate professionals, and individuals who stand together as soldiers united for one purpose. In pursuit of the greatest commission, we hope to equip, empower, and enlighten, men, women, and children. We believe to have the right perspective of Eternity we must know the true value of time. We belive the richest lagacy to leave a child is a godly example and since our childeren are a message we send to the future, we place value on family values, morality, and vitality. Our supreme focus is on relationship building, community prosperity, and economic growth. We are a foundation founded, by a group, or board, of entrepreneurs, evangelist and engineers, who seek to incorporate a sense of integrity, organization, management, prosperity and level of standards to humanity as a whole. In our logical approach to ethics, and social etiquette, we believe in equality, justice, freedom and fairness for all.
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