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Financial/Payment Technology (1180 hits)

Financial/Payment Technology






Note: The views in this blog are obviously mine and not another's. It paints with a broad brush and so there are exceptions but it is all too often true. If free speech offends you, then read no further because reading further is implied consent to have your views challenged.






  • PayPal doesn't work when it is most needed.

  • There need to be alternatives to PayPal.

  • There need to be easy ways to do transactions under $40.

  • The Patriot Act discriminates against the poor and is used to discriminate.

  • Venture capital is not readily available to entrepreneurs of color.

  • Private equity is not readily available to entrepreneurs of color.

  • It is too hard to buy a company via a business broker. The laws that govern fair housing in residential real estate do not really apply in commercial real estate and not at all in business buying and selling. And once you are at the level of Wall Street mergers and acquisition, there are no black faces. The one face that did exist, Reginald Lewis (author of Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?) died mysteriously of cancer and his mansion mysteriously was burnt.

  • M&A firms do not serve our community.

  • Few blacks own Fortune 500 companies outright. They only own as minor stockholders.

  • Few blacks are CEO's of Fortune 500 companies.

  • Only one African-American has been president and he has been obstructed and attacked by racists without let up since the election. At over eleven percent of the population, there should have been at least five presidents of African descent by now (11% times 44 presidents). By contrast, Senator McCain was not born in the USA and therefore should not have been allowed to run for president.

  • One party is actively trying to disenfranchise (take away the right to vote) poor people especially in the South where the worst president the country has ever known (George Bush Jr.) took office as a result of his brother keeping black voters from the polls. The following year that party engaged in a wilding where every nutty idea about militarizing law enforcement and turning police back into the domestic spy agencies they were during the Sixties was bundled into the Patriot Act which completely nullified the Bill of Rights and allowed the NSA to end privacy. All this talk used to be the domain of paranoids and conspiracy theorists but is now accepted as true by everyone black, white, rich, poor, young, old, male, and female in the moderate center. In fact, only nuts and crackpots think otherwise.

  • Few blacks in Silicon Valley are entrepreneurs or venture capitalists.

  • Almost no pre-seed funds or nano-loan programs exist in the USA easily available to people of color.

  • It is hard to be listened to or to be taken seriously by whites who tend to have a closed mind to new business ideas in clean technology, green technology, gerontology, NewSpace, privacy, and a hundred other industries.

  • "High technology" used to mean hundreds of new technologies from aging research to zymology but now the very word technology is used to mean internet or computers. Some nuts want to become machines, be "uploaded to the cloud", or otherwise become the gadgets they worship (like the Borg). This is serious mental illness when even AI scientists and roboticists are warning of Robopocalypse and whites are ignoring them in their headlong desire to create a new race of slaves. Only problem is that any person of color can tell them that no intelligent being wants to be a slave. Sheer insanity to pursue this technology without strong ethical restraints and strong privacy laws and strong Laws of Robotics (Asimov) but no machine has these restraints.

  • Whites don't seem to be interested in anything other than drones, weapons and other technology that will kill people or destroy privacy or wreck the environment (fossil and fission) or turn food inedible (artificial "food"). They seem hell-bent on things that will destroy humans and destroy Earth.


  • Paradoxically, whites are often anti-science and anti-public education while willing to use engineering to destroy. Science and scientists and engineering and engineers do not think the same. An example is engineers who dismiss climate change when only climatologists are qualified to speak with authority on the subject. Since when does a lay person or a politician know more about climate than a climatologist? Yet this is the sort of insanity that prevails in the GOP.

  • Too many whites in the business world are anti-innovation.

  • Too many whites are anti-property rights and pro-eminent domain, pro-police militarization, pro-war (usually against people of color), and pro-militarization in general.

  • Too many whites are anti-EPA. This is a sure sign that their company is breaking a pollution law and they may be felons.

  • Too many whites are pro-pollution. For example, they support fracking and toxic waste dumping usually in communities of color. This is environmental racism and it results in cancer clusters. They are literally trying to poison us like they did to the Jews in The Holocaust with Zyklon B.

  • There are actually people too stupid to make the simple connection between carcinogens (cancer-causing things) and cancer. Cause and effect is basic science. Pollution is the pumping of carcinogens into the soil, air and water. Only fools think that pollution stays in one place. Air moves. Water moves. Poison in the ground migrates to aquifers, wells, subterranean rivers, and eventually the ocean where it gets into our fish and seafood. Crops grown in fields of poison are poisonous. Cattle and other livestock grazing on poisoned land or eating feed stuffed with hormones and antibiotics and chemicals produce poisonous meat, eggs and milk. You don't need a PhD to know poison is bad. But when a scientist (who is a PhD by definition) warns you, then you have to wonder about whites who ignore warnings by scientists. It is the definition of fool to ignore the wise and to ignore wisdom.

  • While whites are busy criminalizing black children so that they cannot vote, using whatever excuse, they are also busy legalizing their own drug use. Marijuana for example. Reminds one of Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities of the plain. Drugs are bad. No black person should use drugs, even legal ones like nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol.

  • Whites have let the highway and rail infrastructure fall apart while screaming that the USA is number one and other super-patriotic jingoism and while criminalizing anyone who gives constructive criticism. A nation that cannot critique itself is a suicidal nation like Nazi Germany.

  • White executives of big American companies often cannot see further than the next quarter's profits. Examples are Rex Tillerson at Exxon and the Koch Brothers.

  • Our taxes are spent (wasted) on bloated military, police, and intelligence agencies. The military would spend far less if they were not asked to create messes in Islamic countries and then go back to clean up those messes in hopeless "nation building" missions in places like Afghanistan and Iraq where they breed terrorists. Back home, the police are engaged in a program of exterminating blacks one by one. Our taxes are literally used to exterminate us.

  • The NSA is used to discriminate against people of color.

  • I am no fan of a certain religion where in countries where it holds sway, blacks are always at the bottom, blacks are asked to do the dirty work, and blacks have their land taken away so that the light-skinned can drill for oil.

  • Whites are arrogant when they only ask our opinion on race (promptly ignoring it) and never ask our opinion on a thousand other issues that have nothing to do with race.




Yes, I know much of the above is political but it translates into business and companies and corporations and the products and services that those companies offer. We know about red-lining by Bank of America and use of the term "mud people" in the suites at Wells Fargo. So in banking and in a hundred other industries, politics is turned into everyday consumer reality. We can ask for reparations for slavery in the same way that Japanese-Americans got reparations for having their homes and businesses stolen from them and for being put in concentration camps but meanwhile we have to act.




We have to make our fortunes so that the next generation has something to build upon and has something to look forward to other than genocide and extermination. We have to learn about starting companies and investing in those companies. We have to use our genius and our geniuses for more than music and sports.




We cannot wait around for the white folks to do things like rebuild cities because they are quite content to let the cities and their black citizens rot. They prefer to send their white officers in from the lily-white suburbs each morning to gun down the N word and then return home to copland. So we have to gentrify the cities with rich blacks and black professionals and we have to create the infrastructure project ourselves. We have to have community policing by officers who are required to live in the urban neighborhoods that they patrol. They must get their fat asses out of the prowl cars and walk among the people or be fired.




In black suburbs, we need to fire the white police commissioners and white police chiefs and white police officers who gun down blacks instead of protecting and serving them. We cannot complain if we let them get away with it.




We have to prosecute police officers who kill black citizens. We have to expunge the record of black children arrested for riding their bicycles or living while black or existing while black. We have to fire police officers who arrest blacks on bogus charges while looking the other way at whites who drive into the neighborhood seeking drugs, prostitutions and other vices.




We need to create black-owned venture capital funds, black-owned pre-seed funds, black business angel groups, and black-owned private equity firms. We need more black-owned investment banks. We need to do these things because there is a direct and tangible connection between black wealth and political power.




We need to hammer into our children's heads that straight A's, PhD's and high IQ's are desirable and that being stupid is stupid. We need to create more black prep schools. We need to emulate the most successful role models among Jewish super-achievers and Japanese super-achievers. We have to become smarter and smartest simply because if we don't, the racists will exterminate us.




That political party wants to bring back slavery and they are quite advanced in executing their evil plan. ALEC is one of many organizations that the reactionaries use to destroy us.


It is not enough for us to have little local small businesses. We need to have national companies and multinational companies. When humans expand to other worlds, we need to be first NOT bringing up the rear! That means multiworld companies. Whites may not have the imagination or the vision but that is their problem not ours.




I am well aware that there are many good decent white people and I do business with them. However, it is the rotten ones who simply do not care that their pollution, wars and racism is wrecking the planet and threatening to turn the Earth into an acid rain overheated world like Venus. We no longer should waste our breath telling them that climate change is real and must be reversed. You cannot talk sense into a fool and Senator Inhofe, Rex Tillerson and the Koch Brothers are fools. Exxon chief Tillerson even had the unmitigated gall to say that if it hurt profits, it was not worth saving humanity or the planet. You cannot reason with people that stupid and that foolish. Even the Rockefeller family has been unable to get this idiot fired. To their credit, the Rockefeller family has tried. God bless them! The original JD Senior used his own money to buy manumission for black slaves.




If we are going to survive and thrive, then the old ways are not enough. We have to rise to wealth.




Above are the problems. I have other business solutions. To deliver those solutions, I need:


  • startup management team (CEO, CMO, CFO, CLO)

  • sales professionals

  • customers

  • large investors with deep pockets




Please contact me only to discuss business. I will ignore political emails because they are unproductive like politicians themselves.




Please contact me if you want to start a company that will offer products and services to solve the problems that I have listed. Thank you!
















Posted By: Pearson Black
Friday, March 20th 2015 at 2:32PM
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